For a friend

I thought I saw you yesterday.

Standing in the queue.

But then again, it can’t have been you.

This past year has been crazy,

I’m sure you would agree.

We will all get through this,

but for you time stopped,

And now you are free.

I wonder if you know,

Just how much you are missed.

I’m sorry if I never told you

That you are one of a kind.

The kind of friend that many never find.

You know, I really miss those chats down the pub,

The nachos and the cocktails.

Stopping off for whatever looked good,

at the takeaway on the way home.

Those nights at the club, when we all danced until closing time.

And now you dance with the angels.

You will be doing just fine.

I know we will all see you again one day.

After this is all over.

And we get to see your latest cosplay.

I do hope God threw a huge themed party for you,

with all your favourite characters.

That day you arrived,

to take ownership of your long prepared mansion.

Take it easy, and have fun.

Because for you, my friend, your journey has just begun…

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